Hi Everyone! I have changed my blog and have a new website. Please visit me there from now on! They are both full of new paintings and lots of new crafty projects. Thanks!

New website:

New Blog

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A Sneak Peak…

In my post the other day I claimed to be hard at work in the studio and to prove it here are couple of images of new work in process. There are both in the new longer format that I have been playing with and boy is it fun! There was a third piece but that one sold the day after it was finished. These two are about 90% done. It is hard to guess, they are finished when they decided they are finished. The color palate definitely has me looking forward toward sunnier days. Maybe the last trip to Mexico has influenced my color choice as well.

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Available Paintings

Between a wedding, honeymoon, new home decor, and life in general painting has taken a back burner for a bit. But I am back in action again. Keep checking in because I have a bunch of pieces in process and should be finishing all of them up soon. In the mean time I thought I would put together a post of the few pieces that I do still have left. Email me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

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Some Like it Hot Up on the Wall

I have been mixing my work with some pieces in my collection lately. This is in our guest bedroom, which we recently finished, the wall color is Benjamin Moore “Summer Melon.”  I have paired “Some Like it Hot” with two silk screen I recently purchased from Hero Design Studio. They are a husband and wife team from Buffalo, NY. I have purchased 3 pieces from them this year, and love them all. Check them out on ETSY here. These are two of their Test Prints, they even come in little frames, but I reframed them to match the room. Artwork should have conversations with one another, never be afraid to move pieces around you maybe shocked to find it takes on a new life in a different space and you fall in love with it all over again.



Some Like it Hot 24x24 $700



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Close Ups

Here are individual images of each of the new pocket paintings. It was brought to my attention that it would be easier for people to pick their own grouping this way.

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New Available Pocket Paintings

I have finished a bunch of new pocket paintings, enjoy. These are 4″x4″ and resin coated to make them shiny box little boxes. The last two batches flew out of the gallery, they are perfect gifts with the Holidays coming up! Here are some groups that I put together but you can mix and match your own group to match your room and the size of the space.

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My Work in a Parade House

Every time a painting sells you wonder where it goes, to what corner of someone’s home it hangs. I worked with my Aunt placing some paintings in one of her Parade Homes, wow is she good. I thought I would share a few pictures of the pieces staged.


This piece is called “Miami Style”. The colors look so good on these periwinkle walls. I love the contrast of the patterned bedspread with the forms in the painting. This piece is still available.

IMG_1018Here is a peek-a-boo of “Midwestern Modern.” This piece was hung in a shallow but long hallway. I love when you can look through doorways and get views of artwork. The slight pop of color really brings both spaces alive. This piece is 24″x24″ and is still available.

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