my new winter handbag

I am in love with everything Anna Maria Horner. I was inspired after seeing her blog and spent the next two days whipping up this bag. I am calling it the “Scout Sling,” it is big enough to toss everything in and spend the rest of the day Christmas shopping. because of the time involved I don’t think I will be making very many of these, except upon request of course.


new picture with covered button

new picture with covered button

This originally had a terrible image, I finally took a better one. The hexagon quilting is only on the front. The back it is a soft grey corduroy and the interior is a navy and white polka-dot… Yeah I finally found covered button kits that are big enough to balance out this tote. I love it and carry it everywhere.

After of the sewing of those little hexagons I was lucky enough to have some left over and made this variation of my “London Tote.” This one was for sale for $40.00, but now is going to be sported by my super hip niece. It measures 11″x 6″ with a button closure. it is backed in navy and white polka-dots and is lined in bright green. It has a strap just long enough to tuck under your arm and carry about a wallet, cell, key…. all the basics.


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